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Desperados at the Great State Fair of Texas.

The Events

“Our biggest event will always be The Great State Fair of Texas.” explains Jake.  “For thirteen years we operated a food booth on Admiral Nimitz Blvd. right in front of the Dog Shows and Pig Races, prime real estate at the Fair.  We knew about the long wait to get in and when we received an application Dad and I sent it in knowing full well that there was never a chance.  Well three weeks later we got a call that we were in and the scramble commenced.”  The Levy’s wasted no opportunity at the State Fair competing in the Big Tex Choice Award for best Fried Food and winning “Most Creative in 2007” with the Deep Fried Latte. They contributed to the Youth Livestock Auction every year and helped with catering for the Livestock Association as well as other groups at the Fair.