Our History

Family History

1st Pic of Desperados

Jorge with Desperados in the background

Jorge and Mama

One of our First Guests

Jorge having fun

Taking Care of Business

Mama with Jake and Michael

Jorge, Jake & Michael

Mama with Jorge, Jake & Michael

The Family back in the 90's

The Family

“I was working at another Mexican restaurant and two regular customers approached me and asked if I wanted to help open a new restaurant just down the street.  They were to work in the office and in the front of the house so I was in charge of the food.”  Jorge remembers. “My Mother was an excellent cook and she and I created the original menu in her kitchen.  I can still remember the aroma and the voice of my mother telling me which recipes she believed would work well at the new restaurant.” Since then, Jorge became the sole owner of Desperados and, a few years later, welcomed his two sons, Jake and Michael into the business as well. “I consider myself to be very lucky that my sons wanted to take on the family business.  I could not be more proud of them and what we achieve every day.”