Welcome to desperados
We have been serving our authentic family traditions for over 40 years.

Five time winner of the Best Margarita in Dallas, voted Best Mexican Restaurant and Best Tex-Mex Restaurant in Dallas, our fans rave about our world famous Desperados Tacos, award winning Guacamole and Mama’s Tortilla Soup. Many of the original menu entrees are still available as they nicely complement the newer and more contemporary menu selections. We like to say that we are not Fancy we are Family (…well maybe we can be a little fancy).

Since the beginning Desperados has always considered itself a different Mexican experience and we are proud to say that most people agree. We invite you to come in and enjoy this delicious Dallas original. You can only find us at two locations; in the heart of Dallas on Greenville Avenue and in the Garland/Richardson area on Campbell Road.


Visit Dallas says, "You can't visit Dallas without trying some of the true, authentic Mexican food the city has to offer. Take your taste buds on a journey with tastes from Mexico, savoring traditional and creative dishes right here in Dallas."

We are honored with the mention, muchicimas gracias!

Mexican Restaurants in Dallas: Top 10 Authentic Mexican Food

Desperados Mexican Restaurant

2 weeks 19 hours ago

What a funny story. So according to this we will be seeing y'all around 4:30. Muchicimas gracias Dallas Observer for the mention.

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